Tech integration support
that turns your to-do list
into a                       ,
money-making system


You know the ones...
   » The tech-related things you pretend you haven't seen on your to-do list (in fact, you might as well put that to-do list aside because you've got client tasks to work on)

   » The systems things you PROMISE yourself you'll "sort out" on Tuesday, but Tuesday comes and goes and nothing's changed. And that was more than a few Tuesdays ago. 

   » The things you KNOW will help you scale like a MOFO (for example, an automated onboarding procedure, a sales funnel, even an organized Asana dashboard to name a few), but they're basically eating up your client time, throwing a party during your weekends, and overall stealing you away from your zone of genius – not to mention your joy. 

Listen, all those things are relevant to running a business,
which means someone has to do them. 

But honestly... who said that someone has to be you? 

Imagine waking up and realizing "OMG, I don't have to do those THINGS." 

Systems are the place where I   thrive. 

It's time to get your focus back on yours.

Ready for a systems set-up that makes the day-to-day feel 

Systems are the place where I   thrive. 


Jenna here

Spotted with an iced coffee in hand, it's me, that girl
The one with 3 different colours of sticky notes popping out of her agenda (bought way in advance of the new year, naturally #beprepared). 
The one always checking off a to-do list on her phone (cross referencing it with the one on her computer. And in the agenda). 

The one who practically INVENTED the perfect bagging system to keep groceries safe while working as a courtesy clerk at a grocery store (breakable items on the top with a supportive base, thank you very much). 

When you work with me, you get all of that "Organization is my middle name" focus, because...
As the integration expert for coaches, I help you craft a biz with a super supportive base before you build the walls, fill it with love, and work your own transformative magic for your clients. 
I'm a former yoga teacher and personal trainer, so I know a thing or two about running a business, not to mention using consistently tracked data to get kick-ass results. *flexes biceps*


Here are the two ways to work with us:


OBM Prix fixe: 

monthly retainer


OBM A La Carte:


You're not just looking for support, you're looking for a RHP: a Right Hand Person who's as invested in your biz as you are, especially when it comes to systems support, set-up and implementation, and team management. My role here isn't just to support you in your business – it's to enable you to confidently step into being a CEO. Whether it's building out your systems or building out your team, you've got me at your side. Bonuses include my ability to drop the perfect Gossip Girl quote for every occasion. #xoxoyouknowyouloveme

A powerful done-in-a-day OBM experience that turns your sales funnel to-do list into extra time and incoming cash. If you're still stuck in any part of your systems, OBM A La Carte is here to get 7 hours sales funnel build-out off your plate. 


What they're


"Working with Jenna was a lot of fun! She's a wonderful person who really cares and shows honesty and integrity in everything she does. It was easy to trust Jenna with my business when I knew she had my business best interests in mind, She treated as if it were her own, which is rare!"



"I just reviewed everything here and I want you to know that I am sitting here in tears of such joy and gratitude. Everything is perfect and I can’t thank you enough!"



"I do not know how Jenna got me up and running in Asana in just 1 day, but she did and it felt like a miracle. I've been using another project management system for years, and trying to learn Asana and transfer everything over myself left me shaking. She not only brought everything over, but she organized it in a way that works even better for me and my team, and the custom videos she made me at the end of the day answered all of my questions. I not only saved tons of time, energy and frustration hiring her for this VIP Day, but I feel so much more confident using Asana from the get-go. Thanks so much, Jenna!"


I'm a systems and set-up nerd, and I'm here to help you thrive, and get your business scaling in a way that's more streamlined than ever before

Systems are the place where I   thrive. 

plain and simple:

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