a powerful done-in-a-day OBM experience that takes a sales funnel build-out off your plate


If you've ever found yourself hours deep in Kajabi, eyeballs burning as you Google how to fix the problem you (accidentally) created by following a Youtube tutorial, while thinking...

"I don't have time to wrestle with Kartra."

"I don't know how to DO this email sequence."

"Please, please someone just build this – sales page, course hosting platform, webinar, etc. – for me."

Your sales funnel is meant to be a system that generates MONEY, not stress. 

Ready to get your
Back on your favorite parts of business?


Imagine if...

Instead of fussing over the design and overall build-out of your sales page, you could put that brain space to work on the creative projects (the ones buried at the bottom of your to-do list).

You felt confident going on vacation during your launch, because you knew all your emails were sequenced, scheduled, and optimized for conversion. Hello, Paypal notifications!

You could actually be present with a new client (helping them quantum leap that. much. faster) because you didn’t have to worry if your onboarding system was actually working properly.

a powerful done-in-a-day OBM experience that takes a sales funnel build-out off your plate


Systems? Management? Set-up?

Basically organizing your business so everything is labeled, stored, and working together to make that sweet, sweet revenue stream flow smoothly... in a day?

Okay, okay, we can't do it all in a day.
But there’s a lot we can do. 

Before I spend 7 hours literally up in your business, let's chat about what we can actually get done...

• Long-form sales page build
(copy not included)
• Course set-up//hosting platform set up
• Webinar set-up: presentation build, opt-in page, emails
(copy not included)
• Email sequence build-out
(copy not included)​​​​​​​

I primarily focus on funnel build-outs, but if that's not your vibe, I also offer: 
• Website migration
• Automated client on-boarding and/or off-boarding set up
• Asana set-up/clean-up
• Miscellaneous system tasks




(aka what you need to do)

Lock in your experience by choosing our live integration day and sending over your non-refundable deposit. You'll fill out an in-depth questionnaire to give me a head start before our Kick-off call.
Then, start to gather the materials your project requires. This would be things like...
• Log-in information
• Copy and visuals
• Any other relevant information



(aka my work)

On the morning of your scheduled VIP day, we'll have a Kickoff call where we'll review priorities, go over expectations, and make sure I have access to all the materials I need. Then, it's go time
I'll spend the day building out your funnel, setting your business up with the systems that are gonna make scaling a breeze. You get to work on the parts of your business that you actually enjoy doing - like putting out podcast episodes you feel inspired to share, or creating Reels you know your audience is going to love. Hell, even take a nap! Whatever feels good to you – all I ask is that you're available via Voxer in case I have a question or need additional materials/access/etc.



(systems are a go!)

During the day, I keep myself organized in Asana. As I build things out, I keep all the links for you. They're included in detailed instructions PLUS the video walk-through you'll receive at the end of the day.  
Your video walk-through is personalized to your hub. In it, you'll see how to make changes for the future, as well as where everything is housed. Because of this, I don't offer further support or updates (though you're welcome to book a half-day extra if needed!)

A casual but important note:
With OBM A La Carte, you're booking my time and expertise, not a specific set of deliverables, so I can't promise an outcome. As I go through your systems, I may need to backtrack to fix a previous step before actually starting with our projects. 
Better believe I'll be jamming out to whatever childhood remix suits my mood and getting as much done as I possibly can, but there's no guarantee I'll knock out everything on our list. That's why we choose priorities first thing.

sounds perfect - book now!

As the integration expert for coaches, I help you craft a biz with a super supportive base before you build the walls, fill it with love, and work your own transformative magic for your clients.
I'm a former yoga teacher and personal trainer, so I know a thing or two about running a business, not to mention using consistently tracked data to get kick-ass results. *flexes biceps*

Plain and simple: I'm a systems and set-up nerd, and I'm here to help you thrive, and get your business scaling in a way that's more streamlined than ever before.

hi, i'm jenna


"I just love the communication that Jenna was able to have with me throughout the entire process." 

"I was referred to Jenna, and honestly, she's a miracle worker. She just blew away my expectations.
She did an amazing job of transferring everything on Wix over to Kajabi. Jenna helped me migrate everything over within a workday.
I just love the communication that Jenna was able to have with me throughout the entire process.
She really made sure that I was happy and was there to answer any questions that I might have had.
I can't recommend her enough."

Evelyn, Spiritual Evolution Coach

why book now?

I only offer 3 OBM A La Carte days per month, in order to guarantee the BEST experience for my clients. If you're interested in working with me, I'd love to make sure you get priority – click below to book!



HERE'S the answers to OUR MOST COMMON ones

What if I want to book a OBM A La Carte day for something other than my sales funnel? 

Oh, you mean like... migrating over your website, building an automated on-boarding program, Asana set-up/clean-up? 
Most clients prefer to use their time to focus on their sales funnels, but those are options, too. 

What do I need to provide before our Kickoff call? 

You'll need to compile all brand design and copy elements, as well as log-in information and URLs for your funnel elements. On our Kickoff call, we'll go over everything and make a priority list.

Does OBM A La Carte include copywriting? 

I like to stay in my lane, and copywriting just isn't one of my talents.
You'll need to provide all the copy for your funnel. 

What about design? 

In your application to book, you'll let me know whether you have brand guidelines and/or an idea of how you'd like your funnel to look and feel.
As part of my prep work, I'll be snooping on your socials, current website and just your online presence overall. This way, I get a good idea of your brand, and can put together a design you'll love, regardless of whether or not you have brand guidelines in place.

Do I have to be available all day? 

Like glued to the phone, waiting for my call? Damn, I'm flattered! But nope.
After our Kickoff Call I ask that you be available for check-ins or to answer any questions via Voxer, but other than that, the day is yours. Go do something you love!

Can you make updates for me IN THE FUTURE? 

After our day, most updates that you'll need to make are ones you (or your VA) can do yourself. They're covered in your detailed off-boarding package (complete with a video walk through) I provide at the end of the day. 
If you need additional updates, you can book another OBM A La Carte day. I also offer half-days for returning clients. 

What if I only need a half day? 

Okay, real talk? Most people need full days. A simple sales page build will usually take four hours. That's assuming everything – prior systems set-up, copy, visuals, etc – is streamlined and ready to go. Since you're paying me for my time, and not specific deliverables, I want to make sure that you're getting the most out of it. 
It's why I only offer half days to returning clients. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

No – in order to book OBM A La Carte, you’ll put down a deposit of 50%. The remaining balance is due 2 days prior to our kick-off call. 

What platforms do you work with? What if I don't use them? 

I work with a fairly wide range of tools and platforms, but they are limited to the ones below. If you don't see yours on the list, but still want to work with me, consider hopping on the waitlist for my monthly OBM retainer.
Tools I use:
Landing pages: Lead Pages, Wix, Showit
Payment Processors: Stripe, PayPal, ThriveCart, MoonClerk, Square 
Email marketing: ConvertKit, MailChimp, flodesk
Course hubs: Teachable, Thinkific, Podia
All-in-one platforms: Kajabi, Kartra

I need more OBM help! 

Great! Click this link here to join my waitlist for my monthly retainer– as soon as I have space, I'll let you know!

Ready to work together?